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Occasionally collabs DO get finished. At that pioint, if the creator is so inclined, they can be hosted on the site with a page and all. If you want a finished collab hosted on the site, please PM me on the forum, or email me at It has to of been created on the droidz forum though. The finished collab also has to be a SWF (flash).

Flash player plugin required, get it here.


Droidz Novice Collab
The title says it all, a collab made by the animators from the novice section on the forums.


The Weirdest Way to Die Collaboration
Sticks dieing in weird ways.


Droidz Forums Collab 3
The third Droidz Forum Collab. Put together by Tom (Veng3anc3).


Paper Airplane Collab
The epicness of paper airplanes killing people, doing tricks, and hitting bulseyes.


Droidz Forums Collab 2
The second droidz forums collab. Put together by Tom (Veng3anc3).


Skate Mixtape Collab
A compilation of Skate animations.


Hide n' Seek Collab
Alittle game of hide n seek.


Shapes Collab
A collab full of basic geometric shapes.


Droidz Forums Collab
The first *Sucessful* Droidz forum collab.


Most Original Kick Collab
A cool collab full of kicks.