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Old Flash Animations

I consider these animations my old flash stuff, because when I made them, I didnt take flash seriously, atleast not like I did with pivot. These animations were made sparsely between january 05 - july 07 when I wasn't pivoting.

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| Sneeze

| Smoker

| Worms

| Body Filled

| Lightning Joint

| The Chase

| Faces

| Halo Hallucinations

| Spin

| Bitchiee

| The Wall

| Stick Shit

| Keepin It Real

| Kicketh

| Demon Bot Av

| Droidz Affiliate Button

| Go Go Gadget Sonic

| Comish

| Hybrid

| Truth

| T O A S T

| Trippin

| Kickin Air

| Breakdance

| Dodge Punch

| Walk