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2004 Animations

These animations are some of the first I ever made. Fighters Dream was the first instance where I thought 'outside the box', so to speak, and used fades and thought of the stage as a camera, instead of just a box for sticks to move within. I credit this way of thinking to one of Bert's old animations 'Special Fight'. Keep in mind, however, back then, pivot was new. Very new. Infact, some of these animations (like The Headchopper) were considered some of the best pivot had to offer. It really shows how far the program , and community has come in the past few years. So, enjoy the suck. The start of my pivot 'career'.

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| A Fighters Dream

| Nu1

| The Real Fight

| The Headchopper

| Liquid vs Bert

| Liquid vs Damon

| Pure Fighting

| The Rumble

| Combo Torney

| Black and White

| Short Fight

| Swordsman

| Random Violence (Bert)

| Harms Way (Bert)