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2005 Animations

I consider this year the prime of my pivot stint thus far. The animations were getting better, as standards rise, and I was still testing out new concepts, and having fun doing so. I managed to churn out two huge multi thousand frame joints with Bert (Spy vs Spy 1 & 2), aswell as three features myself (Silent Assassin, Liquid vs Bert O2, and Bells of War unfinished). Including a small, yet interesting concept animation, Confinement, that led to the flying wu animations that would follow the next year.

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| Silent Assassin

| Helis and Stickmen (Bert)

| Liquid vs Jsizzle

| Power

| Slide Back version 1

| Slide Back version 2

| Another One

| Liquid vs Bert (omega 2)

| Wu6 vs Omegabert3

| Spear Spar

| Confinement

| Wu7 vs Omegabert4

| Life

| Idea Thing

| G.O.A.T

| Spy vs Spy (Bert)

| Jin vs Yo (Bert)

| Special Fight Tribute

| Spy vs Spy 2 (Bert)

| Fight#1032

| Hellz Wind Staff

| Chicken vs Man

| Bells of War