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How do I get a stick accepted? A starting point


The stick you submit MUST be yours. This also includes edits of other sticks. If you submit a stick that is not yours, or under the assumed name of the person who made it, you will be banned from the site.


Originality goes a long way. For example, if your going to donate a shotgun, make sure there is significant improvement, or difference, between yours and the other 10 shotguns on the site. If you submit a new kind of stick that we currently don't have on the site, the chances of it getting accepted go up tremendously.

NO Bases

This extends on the originality portion. I will rarely accept a base stick. RARELY.


Detail and Build quality are essential to a good stick. Now this does not mean every stick on the site must be an elaborate peice of art. However, sticks are expected to be detailed to the point where they are somewhat realistic. Simplistic, stylized, artistic stks are great too, but they have to be just that. Sometimes 'stylizing' a stick is a way to get away with mediocrity, but without decent build quality, it wont be accepted.


Design goes hand in hand with build quality. By design, I mainly mean handle placement. Handles are the moveable segments on a stk. If a stick has bad handle placement, the usability of it goes down A LOT. For example;

Handle Example

Version Bias

I am admittedly biased (favoring) towards Pivot Version 2 sticks. This means a decent Version 2 stick has a better chance than an equally decent Version 3 Beta stick. The main reason being that Version 3 sticks can ONLY be used in Version 3. Also, it is a beta, therefore they can be buggy (moreso with the program itself).


You can donate here. Make sure every form is filled out correctly, and the image you use represents the stick accurately. Unfortunately I do decline sticks sometimes because the section was wrong, or the version was wrong.

This is a guide. This is by no means a required guidline. I made this to help people who don't understand why their stick got declined, and why others do. I am human, I do make bad judgment calls from time to time, but these are the things I consider when I accept and decline sticks.